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Reviews for "Red Bull Short"

omg lol

i KNEW it u can od on red bull

Not just redbull

Any energy drink can fuck u up but if you build it up its like you build up an immunity, i have this mate who basically lived off this shit like 20 cans a day of differet types of energy drinks, he actually has a throne made from the cans and his bro has an entire wall filled with empty cans.

So its all dependant on ur situation prolly.


i hate his hat/hair, it looks like some hobo took a dump on him


His head looks like he was originally bald but in the the night a man took a dump on his head amd it stuck and he did'nt notice until he got to school and he became a laughing stalk and then commited suiside with red bull.


It was pretty funny and the animation was smooth. Good job.