Reviews for "Age of War 2"

This is probably one of the best strategy games ever made. The concept is extremely creative and the execution is incredible. The music is also a great choice. Probably one of the only improvements would have to be adding more option for creative strategies and game play, as well as even more time periods to go through.

other than the cheap AI having the ability to use their special without killing a unit at the start a very fun game (seriously the AI is a real pain even on easy) so ill have to bump my rating down to 3.5

why does the special attack cost XP? why can't it cost gold. why can't the game play fairly, why did you do this? recycle this, recycle that, it's the same game, only harder. no fun!

So epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the game, but damn it's buggy. The income level doesn't do anything and the music randomly stops working.