Reviews for "Age of War 2"

Canons are OP!

Spam 1 Infantry and 3-4 supports and you auto win every difficulty on newgrounds.

Better than the original. Same music, more units and more stuff to upgrade.

One of my favourite games.
And not saying that because of gameplay or whatever. - but abaut depth of it...
"Age of War". On world was medival age, stone age... and in every age - was wars... all the time, cloth changed, culture changed, weaponary changed. But wars? ~"War never changes".
And game tittled... Age, of, war.

Adding to that - that music... violin (on instrument that is one of the saddest instruments), drums (like war drums that was used for so long on the battlefields... and still are used.) And how it's composed, how fits to the people & armies going to the battlefield... to fight - and die.

If that game does not deserve max rating i don't know what does.

Leaving all "depth" behind and focusing on game itself. The grafic are good, the music is good, the gameplay is fun - where every element fits to each other.
I played first one long ago, second one - as well... now, came back to it again to play, win, listen to that music... think abaut it - and write a review (that is hopefully good).

I could write pages and pages of my thoughts and how deeply i look at every detail of that game.
But finishing it here and now, i want to say to autor... a lot but keeping it "short":
-Congratulations and thank You.

lel piece of cake hard mode nubs!