Reviews for "Age of War 2"

Awesome Sequel

Even better than the first, Age of War 2 brings the whole Concept to a new level.
I am very glad, that in my opinion all of the Feedback i used to read in Reviews of the first game has been included in Age of War 2 making it a lot more balanced and not so easy to win as the first one (ion cannnon anyone), also the uprades are a cool addition leaving place for your own way of playing.
This all and the nice Art make it an absolute:
10/10 and 5/5
(the background image of the futuristic age could be better quality though ;D)

Is this a sequel or just an upgrade?

Well this game is still good.
I was kinda disappointed though, because this sequel is EXACTLY the same as the first part. Well maybe the graphic's are a bit different and the units, upgrades are a bit more specific, but THAT's really it.

Part one was an amazing game, don't get me wrong this game is still awesome, but it didn't really have any NEW features.

You are definitely a great flash programmer. I hope that there will be a third game.
Perhaps you can could do something similar to age of empires. Because now the evolving goes: Cavemen, Romans, Egyptians??

When did Italians evolve into Egyptians?

You know pick your own nationality and evolve within that.

Anywho, this is definitely a great game and I'm having loads of fun with it.
Though I'm not giving it a perfect 10, because it feels like a slight upgrade of the first game.


better than the first one. I like how u can upgrade the armor and damage. 1010 5/5