Reviews for "Age of War 2"

this is a classic game that will never lose its value to me as it was game that first help me realize that i like strategy games.Thumbs up

Whenever I'm bored with an hour to kill this is how I do it. The introduction of upgrades to AoW was pretty awesome. If you play things right you can win at really any of the ages. It could just be my terrible computer, but I thought the view sliding was too fast, and too sensitive. I'd go to check out what's happening in the middle of the map and it'd shoot the view over the opposite side of the map. Normal mode is a tad bit difficult in the beginning, especially if you haven't played the game before, or are getting used to the bonus damage types. All in all, great-ass game. Keep it up.

This game is awesome! I even got to futuristic stage, when my enemy was on medieval!

This is that game I always come back to