Reviews for "W.I.W.N.W.A...? Taxes"


very funny. You're a funny guy.

MFRS responds:

Thanks!!!! :D. Do you think i should continue this series? Thanks for commenting :D.


I loved it, it was soo funny & i watched it like 20 times

MFRS responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it :D. Do you think i should continue this series or what? Thanks for commenting and thanks for the 10!!!! :D.

Very conceptive idea

Even if you could draw better the animation it's not so bad and the developement of the story is very cool and comic (everybody understand the point of view)...

I'm looking forward to you... I can see your progress in every video you're posting...

Keep going! ;)

MFRS responds:

Thanks for the 10 :D. I'm glad you liked this video. I will improve my drawing and then i'll post the second episode. Thanks for commenting :D.


You could at least TRY to make more sense in your videos. Ill give you a 2 for knowing how to spell though.

MFRS responds:

Yeah although the next episode of this series doesn't have a date of start yet, i definetly won't use the "sims" idea and will use normal voices. Thanks for commenting :D.


This is SPARTA!!!!!!!!