Reviews for "W.I.W.N.W.A...? Taxes"

Haha ow my sides.

No im not laughing at the hilarious impact this flash gave me. Im laughing at how miserably bad this is. First off your animating a stick animation yet you still manage to fuck that up. Im certainly surprised this made a 3.00 as it should of been blammed immediately. Its a good thing you had the Queen of Newgrounds to shine some light on this vacuum sealed turd. All and all. Bad.

MFRS responds:

Hey, i cant make everyone to like the videos i make so... . So i see you probably wouldn't want to see more of my series, so i won't ask :P. Anyways, thanks for your opinion.

Nice concept. Needs a bit of polish.

It is a nice concept and I'd like to see a few more episodes. Overall, I enjoyed it, though the story dragged on a bit too much. Almost to a Monty Python "get on with it" level. The sub-plots, such as the romance segment had nothing to do with the main plot and were a distraction. This wouldn't be bad if it was the main reason for the guy ignoring his tax problems.
The animation would have been more entertaining if the length of each day was shortened to a few seconds, with each day being its own gag or strung together for a gag. The days in the park where the guy played fetch with various animals, is an example of this done well.
The ending would have felt less anti-climatic if the guy was still worry-free after the repo, pulled some deus-ex-machina to keep his home, or more emphasis was placed on him realizing his stupidity.
Curious where you go with this. Will you keep the same main character and flesh him out over time, or have a character-an-episode? Will you place more emphasis on drama and a hard Aesop, or go for a more comedic approach? Will your animation quality improve or will you go for a stylistic suck? Best of luck.

MFRS responds:

THANKS A LOT!!!!!! Finnaly someone that gives me a proper opinion, instead if telling that my animation is really bad or that my voices were crap. Well i'm thinking of having different characters for episode, and different themes as well. If you see my first animation and this one now at least you can see a bit of improvement, as well as the scenarios. At least, that's what i think. Thanks for your opinion, i'll tell you something if i'll continue with this series :).


this is terribly animated..why would rina chan do a voice for this? haha

its terribly out of place too...its like a bunch of crap voices followed by rina chans voice randomly..haha...

just weird and bad...sry

MFRS responds:

crap voices? i don't know if you read my description but what i did was do the voices like the sims where i try to demonstrate things through images not voices... At least can you say somethings like where i can improve or if i should continue this series or not? Pm me or something if you would like to give me your opinion.


I loved it, it was soo funny & i watched it like 20 times

MFRS responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it :D. Do you think i should continue this series or what? Thanks for commenting and thanks for the 10!!!! :D.


a cool topic , good sound use - obvious lack of animation , and anticlimactic

your additions of humor were good ;)

MFRS responds:

Ok so do you think i should continue this series? Thanks for commenting :D.