Reviews for "W.I.W.N.W.A...? Taxes"

Very conceptive idea

Even if you could draw better the animation it's not so bad and the developement of the story is very cool and comic (everybody understand the point of view)...

I'm looking forward to you... I can see your progress in every video you're posting...

Keep going! ;)

MFRS responds:

Thanks for the 10 :D. I'm glad you liked this video. I will improve my drawing and then i'll post the second episode. Thanks for commenting :D.

Good idea...but

I like the idea behind this video, but I'm sure you were thinking more along the lines of bills. Good story, I liked the ending, but the animation was lacking. Make sure that you've got your ideas straight if you go ahead and continue with the series. I really am looking forward to seeing this continue.

MFRS responds:

Yeah the animation was the biggest letdown of them all i know :S. I will see if i improve my drawing, and once i'll get better in drawing, i'll post the second episode. Thanks for commenting.


While you have a very boring story and bad animation, you dont even seem to grasp the real concept of taxes. You seem to be talking about bills... not taxes. Bills are like water and electric bills for usage. Taxes are such things as income, sales, federal and state, unemployment, etc. maybe get better at animating and learn more about the subject you are making a movie about.

MFRS responds:

So i see i was mistaken. I will try to improve my skills, but i guess for now my videos aren't too good. So do you think i should continue this series? If you can pm me or something.

This is a joke

The first problem is the abbreviated title: "W.I.W.N.W.A...? Taxes", what were you thinking? I know this was supposed to read: "What if we never worried about...? Taxes", but because it was so horrendously long you had to make it into a catchy little abbreviation in order for it to fit the newgrounds title character limit. Why is it the question mark before the taxes? I take it this "W.I.W.N.W.A...?" abbreviation is supposed to be the beginning in some sort of horrible series based on things we shouldn't worry about; like having a brain, but when it's the first episode and you have Taxes right at the end, NO ONE is going to get it. Again, what were you thinking, are you that tuned out?
This is so stupid and pointless it's almost offensive; this is not even worth reviewing. The story is supposed to be a stick version of the SIMS game, living life normally, only without having paying attention to his over paid taxes. You aren't even old enough to understand the concept of taxes, your only experience with them is probably only through the SIMS, so to you it's probably just paper that makes to give your money away for no reason.
How dare you even credit any voice acting in this, the non-existent voices were just you making mumbling noises through your crappy mic and sucking dick. Rina-chans mumbles were fine however, you could tell that she's had years of experience and this is a fine example of her voice acting capabilities. The loud clicking noises whenever anyone moves were just fucking annoying, if I wanted to hear constant loud clicking noises, I would pour a cub of termite's into my ear and let them go at it. Besides all that, the audio was just crap in general, would rather not watch this at all, but if I had to, would have to be muted.
Learn to draw, even if the story was half decent (which it obviously wasn't), was still a horrible animation, even to stick standards. I'm very surprised this even made a 3.00 score, let alone pass judgement. Good luck in your effort to get turd of the week, because this is a piece of shit.


What the fuck is this thing? I don't even consider this animation. It is so choppy and broken, it is basically a fast slide show. Not frame by frame animation. Your drawing is less than sub-par, your mouth animations/lip-syncing was non-existent, and your sound effects were disgustingly bad in quality. Your microphone is horrible. And there was no writing in this. At all.

That being said: You couldn't write dialogue? You have Rina-Chan, a well known voice actress in your shitty piece of shit flash that probably wont even get underdog because of how horrid it is, and you make her mumble? Are you stupid?

No, you should not continue this series until you do the following things:

Learn to draw - There is no eye candy, that makes people lose interest very quickly.

Learn to write - There is 0 character development. In fact, there's no way to tell who was the main character of this retarded thing until he got a "girlfriend." Actually, scratch that; there were no characters. Just mumbling stick figures that happened to be in the same room sometimes. I understand that you wanted to "make them like the Sims," but if you want to "show things through images," YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO FUCKING DRAW!!! So take the time to learn to draw if you're gonna focus on the imagery. This is 2010, kid. you're competing with Egoraptor, Weebl, and other talented artists/animators. This kinda stuff isn't tolerated anymore.

This whole thing is an affront to animators and newgrounds as a whole. The fact you used another newgrounder's popularity to get your disgustingly wretched piece of shit flash noticed is vile, and speaks a lot to what you are as a person.

You have a LONG way to go as an animator, voice actor, and person. You need to get an actual microphone. A tablet. Drawing lessons. Writing lessons. Maybe even a rope and a nice strong beam to swing from..

MFRS responds:

Dude if you see my first video posted here and see this one you see at least some improvement. I did my best, seriously. I could get another voice artist to replace the voices i made. I just happened to have a different idea than just a normal flash video. But for your point of view, i see i should just put normal voices instead of these ones. Thanks for commenting.