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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

A Lost Comparison?....Really?

Yes. It seams fiting to talk about lost with its finale and all, becasue what Lost was for me wa not really the storyline, but how it was told, and thats what I feel about the Reboot series aswell....
Your episodes may not be brilliant flash comparde to the best, and people may lot like your storyline, but what you do with great skill is create tentsion, suspense, drama ineach and every episode, an that why I love the reboot series. But 2 years man? that was a long wait for me, I might not be watching newgrounds in another 2 years :(, so please dont make all your fans wait that long aain...

JMartin97 responds:

I liked the finale because I felt the same way you do, it's about the experience.

Thanks :)


It was about time man, but after all the expectation you did not disappoint, can't wait for the next installment of this awesome thriller series, plz just don't take two more years...

this is great!

i found it quite outstanding for an 8-bit series :P if it is possible can u post up the list on music u used!? seems i cant get flash to pause without it jumping fram on me to write down the tunes u used :D

keep up the good work


Oh so much going on

I can hardly keep track but its in a good way. :D Hope the next ep won't take very long. Keep up the good work.

JMartin97 responds:

Well, you'll have to wait only a week probably, it's almost done I just have to fix up a few things and change some things around in response to the suggestions I've gotten from this episode :D

u get two high fives!:D

I think your music choices are outstanding, they set the mood! throughout the whole series there's interesting and original tracks! but theres a song whos name i cant find and its been bothering me for a while, whats the song with the harmonica and mellow beat that loops in the menu?!?

JMartin97 responds:

I thought for sure it was in the credits, I'll get back to you.