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Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"


ive played thousands of games and only rated about 20 of them and i rated 6/5. 14/10.

but i have a few ideas for a second one make more guns, make a quality toggle, make a blood toggle, make a blood dissapperance toggle (that has fade, 1 second then dissappear, or never dissappear), im not saying ur graphics are bad but make the graphics a bit better, make more upgrades, and make it so u can buy the shopkeeper a friend so then he gives u instant kill but it has to cost $50,000, i really liked the the wat the shopkeeper says wen u leave, last thing make a better environ ment that has more zombies.

Good game. But...

I experienced a problem on lvl. 11 when I killed every zombie with the magnum there were no zombies left and the game would not continue. It just stayed at lvl. 11 and the radar said that there was a zombie but I looked everywhere and I spent 5 mins. looking at other reviews and no zombie showed up to eat me :D. Other than that, it was pretty good but I did not understand what the hell the radar did by moving in the opposite direction.

Ab9003 responds:

Yeah I'm still trying to figure out why this bug is happening for some people but I haven't been able to yet. If anybody could PM me with a bit more info about how they played (a screen shot would be wonderful) I'd be more capable of fixing this issue than.


at wave 28 it wuz way to slow for me to even play


played all 30 waves, maxed all guns, ended up with 200k extra by the last wave. I had every gun maxed by the time i was at wave 18, and spent the rest of the time just running and gunning. perhaps you should make it to where you don't get the upgrades so cheap. otherwise i had fun for the 90 minutes i was playing this. (also more bosses would be nice.)


It was quite easy, though. My browser crashed on wave 30 (not your fault), but up until then I had only been hit 6-7 times. The pistol desperately needs to be nerfed and the infinite ammo only adds to the ease of the game. All that aside, it was pretty fun.