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Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"

It`s not that fine.

I think seven is fair, it glitched in lvl 13, there was a zombie that never came, i could see him on the map, but it just sat there. It looks ok, and performs the same, so it`s not all bad, adding difficulty levels would please some people who find it too easy.


didnt load... tried 5 times and 3 diffrent computers...

not bad.

i didn't encounter any glitches. not a fantastic game, but definitely not a waste of time. i enjoyed it. thank you!

must of been slow day at newgrounds

daily second really

Game is way to easy

all i needed was the pistol and i never got hit use rage mode at bosses for a easy win upgrades are worthless and pointless since thay don't really do anything zombies are way to slow so you dont need armor pistol has unlimited ammo no need for speed since its already fast and power is really the only useful one but its still unneeded AND you have 4 lives the starting one and 3 continues

the zombies just die to fast to be a threat

graphics are uninteresting and there is no storyline or plot its just shoot this get points game.

To improve the game

Make zombies tougher faster stronger and maybe give them special ability's i know its not original but things like spitter zombies make it harder.

Backrounds please instead of just grass.

Guns need to be harder to aim and or do less damage.



Way to easy but its ok aergaehraedfhasdgrfgs