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Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"


but not really great, I know programming is a big effort and there are many problems to solve but I kind of dind´t really see why you would say "yes I have a idea that I think to be so good that it´s really worth the time I put into it" it was just another 08/16 zombie shooting game.

awsome game.

i would have given you a 10, but because of ALOT of lag, when there where to many zombies, it made the game very slow, and unfun. if you could fix that that would be wonderful, the game is awesome other then that. i almost made it through with out dieing, but the lag killed me twice on the last level cause the boss hit way hard. and i could not move. but other then that, it was fun :) thanks for a great game.

Wave 17

Broke, no enemies visible, four blips on the radar. Just a little heads up on the bug, using current flash and firefox.

The game

It's pretty good I liked it but sadly it's also like all of the other zombie games. But it's pretty good If you need any ideas for another one. Just send me a message

Nice Game

For me this game was underrated, really nice effort, I bet that most people who criticize your submission never actually tried to animate anything...