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Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"

fix the lag.

I like this game, it's really fun and all, but it lagged on me within the first five rounds until the character just cornered himself against a wall, the movement keys wouldn't work, and he died.

Ab9003 responds:

Did you try pressing P to pause and setting the quality on low? That should've helped at least enough to get you through those rounds.

Zombie games FTW

Awesome game to play

Graphics, options, gameplay all perfect, but I have to agree with 1mb3tt3rthany0u, the game was really to easy. I got to wave 5 with out upgrading anything; I was trying to get the minigun ;D

Tip:Don't stay near the walls, the zombies will get you faster and surround you. Try to move around in the middle and avoid the fast zombies.

Ab9003 responds:

Your tip is solid. I tried to make this game very open to any type of player and in doing so if you're a smart player atleast the first few waves will be easy pickings. I'm hoping for the more hard core players that the boss waves will prove to be a challenge.

Always read the Author's Comments.... =/

Great game!

p.s. I should have read your comment before I started playing the game =/.

great game

I loved the game but should work on the lag after bit it becomes to much and you can't fight back at all.

too easy!

it's a good game, but it was too easy
i got all the way thru the game without getting hit by a zombie once
all you had to do was run around in circles passed the zombies and keep firing
if u make it harder it would be a great game