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Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"


i love the rage thing that was awesome first time for a game like this


...repetitive, unoriginal.

Walk around, hold down left mouse, rinse, repeat. Yawn.

Wow... it's this game again...

I made it to wave 12 when the shop screen wouldn't show after I killed everything thus ending my game. I'm kind of glad it did though because this game was boring/easy as Hell. All I used was this pistol and I skipped the uzi and shotgun entirely.

Better luck next time?

bugged out

It's a fairly linear game without any obstacles or scenery. The weapons are fine, as well as the different types of zombies. I didn't like how the screen shook every time you hit a zombie with a bullet. It doesn't really make sense.
The game didn't go past wave 12. After I killed all the zombies it just stopped working. There's a blip on my radar on the bottom left that moves with my character, but it's out of sight and I can't shoot it.

great game

i got to wave 30 when i found out the boss was very harder then the 1 with the mace i also liked how you made it very competative where you have to ration your money and move around a lot i thing if you make a seqal you should make a slot to upgrade your rage meter so it last longer great game 5/5 10/10

Ab9003 responds:

Upgrading the rage meter is a lovely idea. Can't believe I haven't thought about that! Thanks for the review and I'm very glad you liked the game so much.