Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"

More weaps and upgrades...

Games pretty good i got everything at wave 26.

Only prob is more upgrades and weaps... The minigun hardly helps out fully upgraded because there are like tons of creachers to fight and the more i fight the more slower the game gets for me... and the minigun takes forever to take out the horde... and with the max armor if your cornored then you are pretty much screwed unless you find a gap.

Besides those problems this game is Kinda fun yet like the guy below me said, nothing original.

Good but needs work

it's a vary nice game, but the lag is what kills ya, even on the low seting it lags like crap. good game but needs tweeking

Great game, nothin original.....

Its well done, the zombies move well, the upgrades proceed quickly. That being said.......theres nothing original about this game that hasnt been a thousand times already. You need to add something to make this game your own.


This game is great! There were a lot of times I had to fake out the zombies by moving around the edges and getting them to group together in the middle.


Never even got to the first boss. Got a zombie stuck on my radar sometime on wave 13 that wouldn't come into view and just kept moving as I moved. Restarted got to level 14, at the beginning of which I got about 7 or so radar contacts that kept moving with me but were never visible and then the rest behaved normally.

Anyways, this game has been done before a million times and has been better and more original, that being said it's not half-bad. It's just all around "meh". Also way too easy. Stuck with the pistol all the way through wave 14 and was gonna use the minigun on the 15 boss just for laughs, but alas never got there.