Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"

Nice game... but

i found the same bug as everyone, mine was on level 14 there were 2 dots on the radar but no zombie left... nice game but could you please fix that little bug? Thanks!

Ab9003 responds:

I am trying to, thanks for your review!

good game

the game was great could use a few minor changes. like more weapon diversity just the pistol and the uzi got old quick. I also found the game far to easy but that may be because i did'nt get past wave ten due to the same glich as WoodenGlasses.

Ab9003 responds:

Still trying to diagnose the bug and see whats happening. Haven't figured it out yet. If you could PM me any info thatd be great. Also if you wouldn't mind giving it another go I'd like to hear if it happens again. Do you play near the corners or generally move around near the center?


Pretty good game, but I ran across a bug. On the minimap on wave 13, it says there's one more zombie left in the top left corner of the map (bottom right corner of the screen), but I couldn't find it.
Not sure if there's a set number of zombies on each wave, but in those 13 waves, I ended up with 427 counted. So if #428 is a bug or not, I thought I'd let you know.

pretty good

I don't know what the other people are complaining about with the level problems, but it does have that generic zombie shooter feel. Good game!

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, some people are getting stuck during waves 11-14 it seems. I'm trying to figure out whats wrong but the glitch hasnt actually happened to me before. Im not sure what they're doing to trigger it but I'm trying to find out.

very good

the game is very good, but it needs grenades. also like deathwalker05 i had a glitch where a zombie dot froze on the map (at round 9) and would move whenever my character would move, thus disabling me to finish the round. but other than that, this game is great, and i would also like you to add a flamethrower.

Ab9003 responds:

Still actively working on fixing this bug. Ill post an update to the game as soon as I can. I haven't had this happen to me when playing the game myself so Im still trying to figure it out.