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Reviews for "Zombie Warfare"

Better than average

but with the loads of crap on newgrounds thats still far from exceptional.
It was okay but far to easy and monotonous zombies looke all the same just one level (as far as i've played) fun for about 5 minutes

Great game


its a nice game...but the game crashed in the beginning. I'm having just the startscreen (Zombie Warfare, Instructions, More Games), but nothing else happens. I tried to click instructions, on the on 'Zombie Warfare' but game dont start. Only link to another games worked. After several refreshs, the game worked right. Hope you get this fixed.


it wasn't seriously difficult the boost system gave a nice edge when needed however would have liked to seen a larger variety in weapons


But, why is there a kill count? who's done more than 1684 kills? Isn't there a default amount of enemies each round?

Not bad

I give you a 4/5 and a 8/10 for these reasons:

It was a good game but a bit repetitive. I am aware that it's a survival game based off of waves; the problem with this I had was the slow additions of different zombies. It was not terrible but it could use some mixing up to add a little bit more unpredictability.

I did like how you sent that random boss monster zombie out of nowhere. That scared the hell out of me and made me go "Oh shi-". There should be more moments like this.

The zombies have good defense for the amount of fire power but the guns seem weak. I understand that may be a bit confusing so let me expand on this. The weaker zombies that are to be killed easier than the newer, tougher zombies should die almost instantly from a fully upgraded weapon. When I used a fully upgraded magnum on one of the lower level zombies, it still took two shots. This made me go "wtf" because a weak magnum should be able to blow a pretty good size portion out of the enemy, let alone a powerful, fully upgraded version of said magnum.

This game has potential to be better than good. It could be great.

PS I loved the ability to have infinite ammo once it is max'd out. Pure genious and very fun too. I liked this a lot. :D