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Reviews for "Aequilibrium"


Good logic game which makes you think but not much to catch brainstorm while hopeless being stuck somewhere. It lacks of remove objects, small ammount of levels, could be few different backgrounds to switch and more interesting music suitable with game.

Well done

Challenging, but not frustratingly difficult. Excellent choice of soothing music for a game like this. Though not original (as others have pointed out) this is quite well done and gets an 8 from me.


This is not a copy of read remover like you all are saying... if you played this game then youd realized that there is no neutral blocks and that this game is centered around balance and keeping any object from falling... The games have the same premise of clicking red things but thats it, plus the whole concept of clicking away specific blocks is almost as old as internet games themselves,
Okay for the actual review
its a good game i like the whole balance is key thing, but i dont like the physics engine, base items are essential for balance but that doesnt mean theyre the only ones that have effect on the "tower" but otherwise it was a great and challenging game


Very good balence between challenge and fun.

There were sme levels that made me think but I never got frustrated.

very interesting

In most of these games, player has to remove blocks in the right order, or just needs to be lucky. But in this one, the luck is quite useless, and the player must remove the right block at the right time, and be very fast.

But circles'reaction is somtimes too random (especially for the ones you must keep), and you have to be lucky to complete the level.

The levels are well designed, but should somtimes be less frustrating.