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Reviews for "Dogtooth in a Bar"


The detail is amazing in every bottle, table, chair, and keg. The anticipation of a PnC adventure stylized and produced by none other than thou is exciting enough but to see how much work your putting into it is mind blowing!

"seriously impressed"

I'm seriously impressed with the lighting and atmosphere.. it makes for an awesome world, that'll look even better in a game.

But, really? The first thing I noticed... How and why did you draw so many cups and plates? You should be marveled for your efforts and persistence in doing so.

Too good.

HappyHarry responds:

Ctrl V is your friend.


ding ding

That's rad, I've always wondered why more flash games (especially point and click) don't involve more detailed atmospheric art like this. Ima play the hell out it when its finished, son.


im making this one of my faves