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Reviews for "Dogtooth in a Bar"


It's beautifully done, but I think the shinyness of the objects can be toned down abit. I see what you mean by the light reflecting off the ceiling lamp, but I think they would only be shining as much if actual daylight was on them.

What to say


That bar is really well done.

I'm pretty impressed by the whole details of it all.

Seriously, it's hard to make excellent backgrounds like that!


I'm repeating what everyone has got to say. This is absolutely amazing. After reviewing this piece, I have a better understanding of the quality of work that I should be working onâEU"considering how I'm entering Media Arts and Animation, as my major.

Excuse me for my ignorance, but I do have a question: Is this cross-application, where you drew the background in another programâEU"or is it all done in Flash?

This is very

The shadows and lights are really cool