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Reviews for "Dogtooth in a Bar"

What a cool concept for a monster fighting hero!

I remember you posting WIP files for this game somewhere. The protagonist looks like Alex Delarge.

Dope is this an actual game?

Here is one great picture! You really have to see it in full screen to truly appreciate it. While there was nothing humorous about it, it was still fantastic. I just love the huge amount of detail put into everything. It must have taken forever to draw all of those glasses. I don't think you directly copied any designs. You would think the picture would show chaos.

It really doesn't. It does, however, give you the notion that something bad is about to happen. You are not known for making serious games. The way everything shines and reflects is just flawless. I'm glad to learn about your art too. I'm surprised it won no award.

This looks awesome like everything you do, but seeing how it's 2014 already and this is dated 2009. I think it's safe to say you dropped the project of this game didn't you.