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Reviews for "Save the Goons"

good game

very addictive and fun good music it fits in with the game

my god o.o

when you go to lvl 5 it go fast

Love it

Very fun game :]

Short and fun

Adorable pixel-y graphics and gameplay was rather smooth. However I felt that the playing field has rather narrow relative to the size of your unitank: it could have been a bit wider, and perhaps the power-ups tweaked to be a bit weaker. Since power-ups appear to be random, it seems that the key to getting a good high score is to be lucky with power-ups at levels 11-12.

No medals?

This has got to be one of the strangest games I have ever played on Newgrounds. I was earning medals left and right, but there are no medals that are on the screen at all! At least you made a really fun game as the colors are just fantastic, not to mention the sound is awesome. I love the character designs, and especially how when you only had one or two guys left, you could just stay in one place and beat the game. I like the idea of a gingerbread man controlling a robot. This was among the most litearlly colorful games I have played here!