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Reviews for "Save the Goons"

Very Good

This game will really get your ADHD going. I don't believe you could have made the bombs fall any faster! A nice spin-off on an old Activision game.


I finally lost 1 friggin' goon on level 12... Just 1 FRIGGIN' GOON... could you still give me the chosen one medal? XD

I think the score 450K points in the game also goes along with that medal. I was 500 points away from that score.

It was a pretty good game, I think it's sad on level 8 tho :(

Fun and addicting game!

I sat for like 10 miutes playing and these minutes was good killed by this game. great timekiller! >;)


A simple, yet fun game, I love the music used in it.

gud time waster

luv it . need more.... minimi tho