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Reviews for "Save the Goons"

an awesome game

an awesome game i really liked it
its very basic but fun

An Admirable, But Still Very Clunky, Robot

It's true that the simplest games are the best, and maybe it's true that the simplest robots are the best, even if they can't shoot missiles or laser beams. Luckily, this one can shield others, and is impervious to, missiles and bombs.
But between going back and forth to protect the little egg goons from explosive
perils, the game suffers from the common problem of losing mouse focus as
your robot is going back and forth, which makes it difficult to get the bigger medals. But this game is only worth a few plays anyway, so once you're done,
take it to the junkyard.

Yeah me too...

But might be because Im fucking drunk..... I got first shot to level 8 though (no typo... eight!!!!) then i died and started from 8..... funny?


great game, but it feels like im hullucinating,

Very Good

This game will really get your ADHD going. I don't believe you could have made the bombs fall any faster! A nice spin-off on an old Activision game.