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Reviews for "Save the Goons"

gud time waster

luv it . need more.... minimi tho

my god o.o

when you go to lvl 5 it go fast

Goon F-F-Fun!

Very addicting game, kept playing It, and playing It.

Only thing that bugged and annoyed me was the mouse kept going of screen during the hard levels. Otherwise, great game!

Excellent game

This was an awesome game you made and it reminded me a lot of that Snow Eskimo game from Neopets with you having to control using the mouse and block all the stuff flying at you from above which is a great concept,the controls were perfect with the way you could move slick & fast but still have complete control of where you are going and the animation was very colorful,overall i enjoyed this game very much and think you did one hell of a job making it so i hope to see another game from you in the future. =)

Nice game.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything about the game was great. Also, very addictive.