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Reviews for "Candy Time"

he killed himself

for chocolate.

Pure Awesomness

Yeah like the Title said. Good Animation with fanastic Voice Acting. In my Opinion a very good Flash-Movie.

This was a

great video... It's comical and yet brilliant.

Just wow...

I enjoyed this completely. It had a hint of a message which I loved. And the whole thing seems based off of a poem, was it? I dont know. But no matter what this video was good. It seems like something that would have been done in Star Trek or something of the sort. The voice is strikingly similar to that of Leonard Nimoys. I thank you for presenting me with such a work. I suggest that everyone on Newgrounds and in the world, to watch this video.

damn it!!

Why did he have to die damn you, WHYYYYY!!!! also how did he survive with just a helmet, no oxygen or water i'm very confuzzledimacated...