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Reviews for "Happy Birthday KingApple"


u had a awsome animation but it could be fun if u made it longer

DIMB responds:

yeah i know but i deleted it and started again yesterday in the morning, worked on it all day.


What can be a more beautiful way to say Happy Birthday than by painting the message on the wall in someones blood.

DIMB responds:

hehehehe thanks :D

I think it was awesome :D

You must be a fast learner if I've done this for like three years and you come in here just last year or something and own me XD Good job man, and a happy birthday to KingApple!

DIMB responds:

hehe thanks so much :D

I like it

That was cool how he painted the wall with the agent. But I did notice, they was no blood spurts, but other than that, awesome!

DIMB responds:

oh well, it was late yesterday so i just put it up :/

Oh my

That was too beautiful for words.

DIMB responds:

:D thanks