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Reviews for "The Film Scene Collab."

. . . . wait a minute

Who took my kidney!? :<

Mechabloby responds:

hurr durrr

fantabyhoobulous! XD

well done to all involved. I party understand what one must go thought and do to participate in a collaboration, because I am quite close to one of the people that contributed to this collaboration, I'm sure that this collaboration was the result of many sleepless nights and rather stressful days... I don't know what else to say other then great job to Mechabloby, Bjorvy, and Mikuru15 ... and ChampionAnwar for the music.

Zat ^^,

Mechabloby responds:

haha, thank you. I'm sure we all thought it was worth it in the end - we're quite proud of what has been done :)

that was clasic

I will protect my toast from ghost who open my post

Mechabloby responds:

they open their own post, you silly person, you


The Advent Children one hillarious!

Mechabloby responds:

glad you liked it :)

What just happened?

The only thing I understood was the Final Fantasy part the rest...What the hell just happnened?