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Reviews for "The Film Scene Collab."

Could be better

The animation wasn't exactly top-notch. There were quite a few still frames and recycled movie clips, it seemed. The Monsters Inc. one had pretty good detail, though it was just a few tweens.
It was sorta funny, though I haven't seen most of the movies in here. I liked the use of that excited Link meme thing (forgot the name) and the ghost's rhymes about mundane activities. The Advent Children thing was pretty alright, too.
As for the voice acting, if you aren't confident about doing convincing voices, I'd recommend checking out the Voice Acting Club. If not to get someone else to do voices, you could get some tips and critique there.

Mechabloby responds:

I'm glad you liked certain parts of our collab. I thought the voice acting was rather okay overall in everyone's parts (although, I admit myself that my yell at the end of the Twilight part was lame, and I joke about with it stating that at the end of the part).

Thanks for your review!


"o im a ghost, i like toast" rly good job, it was funny. couldve made it a bit longer though.

Mechabloby responds:

As I mentioned in the author comments area, so many people dropped out - we originally had ten animators lined up and so many dropped out that it was just us three on our own. I know it's not exactly lengthy, but we couldn't do much else.

Although I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!