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Reviews for "The Film Scene Collab."


I liked what I saw, it was kinda funny, some more than others- Paranormal activaty one was the best for me. I especially like your way of animating things, very unique. The final fantasy one was good, but there wasn't that much of a punch. I got it, but it had a dramatic buildup and kind of just ended. That monsters inc thing was just o_o. I don't really think there was anything wrong with it, it just sort of ended quickly-- I think you could have added more content. I thought it was a great idea and hopefully you can do an Film scene solo/collab later. Well done, I still think your the best flash author on this site. Hope what I said didn't upset you or anything. Nice on first collab organised, today movie scene collab next year the mechablobby movie lol.

Mechabloby responds:

Lol well I'm glad you enjoyed it. The lack of content was due to so many people dropping out, but in spite of that - even though there isn't much here - I think all of our parts came out rather nicely.

I hope if I manage a collab in the future that most of the people don't drop out lol. I can't appreciate Mikuru15 and Bjorvy enough for standing by my side.

Thanks for reviewing and have a nice day!


heh it worked out pre-good

Mechabloby responds:

I'm glad you think so. :]

I'm pretty proud of it myself, definitely with the fact that so many people dropped out. Thanks for taking part. Hopefully we can work together again in the future. :P


i guess u did the best u could under crappy circumstances and it was funny but if it wasnt for the people dropping out i wouldve given it a zero. i hope u hav better luck next time and i look forward to seeing wut u can do under better circumstances

Mechabloby responds:

Yeah, I hope the next time I organise a collab, the circumstances will be better.

I appreciate your 6 and the review though. Thank you.


one o the better random collabs i can find on newgrounds

Mechabloby responds:

thanks :)

ups and downs

the collab had its ups and downs but however the animation wasnt that bad which..surprised me and the voices were good i know there wasnt a lot of animators but you managed to make something with very little to work with good job mecha

Mechabloby responds:

thanks for the review man.

Thanks for appreciating that we didn't really have many of us working on this project either. Hopefully future collaborative projects won't be like that.

I can't thank Mikuru15 and Bjorvy enough really. They just stuck by my side all the way.