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Reviews for "The Film Scene Collab."

Good, could be improved

I thought the shorts were mostly funny, but there were a few options that would have been helpful, such as a pause button and a scene select.

Mechabloby responds:

I didn't feel like it really needed those as the collab didn't really have many parts, but in the future, I will keep those in mind. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

. . . . wait a minute

Who took my kidney!? :<

Mechabloby responds:

hurr durrr

i foundz teh eester eg

not half bad and rape is funny

Mechabloby responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :D


It's the collab I was supposed to be in! Sorry about my part, my internet was down.
Well, it was pretty good, the jokes where okay, the animation was good. Nice collab!

Mechabloby responds:

It's a shame to hear about your internet connection, really. :(

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the collab still - hopefully if I organise another in the future, it will have more animators contributing instead of dropping out lol. I'm pretty proud of what we've made here though, even if it isn't much. :]


Though it was good for the most part, it just wasn't packed enough with stuff. . Granted it was funny, I'dve loved to see more. I know there were people dropping out left right and centre during the course of the thread and the making of this, so I understand.

Loved the Twilight thing, probably the best one for me, though it didn't have your wobbly thing that you usually have (not that that's a bad thing).

Rawr, thanks again for using my music. On the whole really good and taking into account that people dropped out, it was a pretty good collab ^^. Congratulations on making your firt successful collaberation! All the best. .

Anwar Louis ^_^


Mechabloby responds:

Thanks, man. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to try something else by taking a break from the whole squiggly lines style I have with flash. I'll probably return to it, but not straight away. :P

I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for making the music for us to use on our collab!