Reviews for "Castaway"

cool game, but:

how do i know how much exp i have as a number, not a percent? i just want to know

Great game but many glitches

Because I think this game is awesome I'll just list everything I didn't like or bugs, everything else is 10/10.

Not increasing the price of the den.
Being able to kill monsters with same level without needing pet.
More items at the shop, greater variety.
Make the feathers cheaper or easier ways to get back to camp.
Make enemies spawn when ur not standing next to them.
Maps of places you've been.
Pet evolve like Pokemon (maybe).
Increase health regeneration when leveling up.

Invisible enemies.
Enemies disappear into the ground.
Enemies attack even though they are stunned.
Poison won't go away.
My dead pet keeps following me (very creepy).
Pet won't attack.
I won't attack.
After death sand snakes still fight, but can't move.
Invisible walls that come and go,(grass generator didn't let me near it the first and third time I tried).

Tips, Comments:
OMG the starting pet is sooooo cute. Make on of them in black or blue.
If you and your pet are low on health go to the beach and kill level 1 beetles until your health regenerates and give the berries you get to your pet (Needs patients).
Despite all that I wrote above this is still an awesome game and should have a sequel.

P.S. Kirby is awesome.

Nice ! ^^

It's really nice game ! Not like other on this page that U can win in more than half an hour. I really enjoy playing it ^^


good this fun good

boring to good

At first it's actualy boaring but if you play it a litle wile you will start to like it.