Reviews for "Castaway"


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I think that this is the best game on NG. I hope to see more, and hopefully you will make a #3. Keep up the great work!!!


the snakes and the scorpion are wayyy to overpowered, you have to grind on sand beetles for hours to actually get past them, bullshit start, but the rest of the game is pretty fun.



Almost Perfect

On the plus side: Addictive gameplay, fun pet system, always more quests to do.

Room for improvement: Occasionally laggy movement, movement directions initially counterintuitive, and pets, when unable to reach a target, may take a long route and aggro multiple unwanted enemies. Also, fairly sharp distinction between sand beetles and sand snakes that demands grinding on the beetles for a while.

I know the negatives are looking overwhelming, but that's mainly because the positives are easy to sum up and the gripes take describing.

My last issue is, and I'm not 100% sure this is true: Leveling up seems to set your experience to zero, rather than carrying over. This is problematic when turning in a quest that should level you up and give you a 20% or so head start on the next level instead sets you at 0%.

Overall great. Rough patches are overlooked fairly easily to appreciate the game as a whole.