Reviews for "Castaway"

the most awesome thing

afer epic battle fantasy 1,2,3 and cataway 2 and TD


Great job! This had a more different pace then certain games. I especially enjoyed the pets, and i liked the way the whole thing unfolds in less then 2 minutes. Loved the game, cant wait for a number 3!

A nice change of pace from other games

I really enjoy this game very much. It does have the same qualities as a bunch of games that play in the same style, but this one seems a little more fresh to me. The controls are smooth, yet a little weird and takes a bit to get used to.

The story is nice and the quests do take time, so your playing the game longer. The world, (which is the island your on) looks really good. Enjoy the artwork that has been done, very unique and nice to see. Sounds and music fit nicely while playing the game, only the music did get a little annoying after a bit but that's just because its me.

Neat enemies that you get to fight, only that it does seem to be too much damage taken on certain levels of enemies against whatever level your at. I like the fact that you have a choice of pets that you collect throughout the game, able to have extra help along side you.

Love how you get to level up, also you pet does the same which is neat. Only thing bothering me over that is you don't have a choice to customize after leveling up. Maybe give a certain amount of experience points to spend on certain stats, so the player gets that feel to make their character and pet unique to them.

That about covers it I think, overall I really love how this game is and quite enjoy playing it!

Good :D

Tem um bom grafico comparado com os outros !

Gostei !

Thanks to this game..

Thanks for making me forgot to do my homework.