Reviews for "Castaway"

Better than it's second version

This is better than the second version. The graphics are better and it is easier to.. attack.


likwidgames dudes u should make a onlive version of castaway it would be very nice,awsome and sooo cool its just an idea for the game

nice games i already played the castaway 1 and 2 and i would like to play an online version of this i dont think i would be the only1 thinking this way


It's a real good game (nice graphics,battle system,story) but I hate that there are too less saving points >.< the sequel is better i think xD

really great

it took my a couple of hours to finish this game but it was quite worth it,battle system was easy to go by,graphics were really nice and the music was quite the all arounder which seemed to match all maps

great game

great game, 9/10