Reviews for "Skill Test"


My Poor Hand... ='(

Good test...

but i had to retry it so many times just to get 302, you should make more games like these. =]

I cheated XD

First time I played I got 291 and my mouse kept getting stuck as my pad is smooth.
Second time when I decided to beat this game I opened C# for 5 minutes and wrote a little white pixel clicker(It's not white by the way the ARGB is (-1) :D) then an auto clicker and at last a mouse dancer so I got 1132 XD

awesome, but.....

its a very addicting game, but the only thing i would prefer is a setting or something for people with track pads because otherwise you stand now chance

still a great game!


this is a seriously addicting game and is loads of fun! p.s 272.119