Reviews for "1066"


I absolutely loved this game. It really played to the scale and the tactical aspect was fantastic. I want to see more of these.

Pure class!

I love this game. It has great graphics, a great sound track, a lot of fun, and I think replayability, and the scale is pretty good too.

Werll-developed, thoughtful strategy game!

This is one of the few (if only) strategy games I've played on newgrounds that actually gave you a good variety of strategic options. If you play this game with no plan in mind, you'll simply just lose, and that's an essential part of a strategy game. At the same time it wasn't overtly difficult, and as long as you use your troops wisely there's no game-breaking AI perk that can beat you.

All in all, I liked pretty much every single detail to this game. Graphics were quite good (and not messy), turn-based strategy map was brilliant, fighting system had variety, and so forth.

As such, this game rightfully deserves a 10/10. Of course, there are ways to make this game even more realistic and complete, but that has more to with the fact that I really want to see a sequel more than anything else.

Here's some improvements/ideas to consider for a sequel (which there surely must be ^ ^):

1) Have options of bigger maps (more squares, more maneuver room, more armies).
2) This is a no brainer: add another campaign or a longer version!
3) Have an option of skipping the enemy's animations and/or your own (to save time).
4) Factor in real-life/historical battle tactics more. For example, a cavalry charge should not be able to knock out a spear wall as easily as it does.

Really looking forward to the sequel!

A great game to pass time

I really like the game because you actually made the battle quite interactive to the player. I was surprised and kinda didn't expect that i had to press the spacebar, or write out the tauntings when i first played it on armorgames. The mulitplayer is fun and chalenging. One thing do look foward to if you decide to make a sequal, definalty a longer campaign mode you know? 10/10

I love this game

I like the history aspect here, and I like the style and the strategy involved, and though it can get repetitive, the online play is its saving grace. I've been coming back to this game over and over again for the past month (usually after a few beers) I hardly ever lose. GO VIKINGS!

btw, the taunts are hilarious "You Svinafell Troll!"