Reviews for "1066"


It sucks how I have a lot more troops and everytime Im winning the enemies pull a mircale witht he taunts with for some reason no matter how many brutals i get mine keep lower and lower and my troops keep running even when they have lowe troops... fix the bugs anf maybe it gets a good game


Awesome-looking game with great tactic system and some QTE, which makes game not boring. What i didn't like? Some sound effects, ballance and too short campagain (only 3 battles?!), but multiplayer gaves this game long live.
I'm impressed.

Best game on newgrounds.

If this doesn't make front-page I'll be disappointed. It's simply that awesome!

The Good:
+Amazing strategy game.
+Professional Presentation
+Historical Accuracy made the game that much cooler!
+Narrator was very good.

The Bad:
-Had quite a few cheezy sound effects (whoever did the voice acting for the Taunting and the battle sounds failed pretty hard)
-Balance seems to be way off. The normans dominate everything with their knights and uber archer units. This might be historically accurate, but doesn't make a good multiplayer game.

Final Words: I'm truly amazed. You could charge people to play this.

Verdict: 5/5

You realize

1) the Normans were a group of Vikings that settled in France
2) The "Vikings" in the game should be called "Norse" because Herald Hardrada was king of Norway

It was a good game, but the historical inaccuracies bugged me for some reason.

This is just pure awesome

I can't even fathom how awesome this is. Excellent job! I love this game! Instantly added to my favorites.


I like the way you got the history down right because this actually happened in my country. Again, excellent job!