Reviews for "1066"

Short and Sweet

I love this game but most people would agree that this was way too short

Just Amazing...

When I first started, when the loading screen appeared, I knew the game would be epic. Well now to spend hours playing. :DDD Make a sequel dude, i would LOVE to see that.

Amazing, Brilliant and Bloody

I liked it, all the fighting tatics and music, even the marching mixed with each others! Unfortunately it's a bit short - only 3 battles :) in campaign
Should created more!!!

Historical Accuracy can make for a fun game? Huh.

Before anything else is said, I'd like say: thank you for the amount of historical accuracy you threw in. It's cool to see a game with at least some sense of intelligence.

Alright, on to the review. As you can tell from my rating, a glorious 9 stars, you did alright for yourself.

Gameplay is very fluid and the interface is both streamlined and functional, while maintaining a measure of beauty to it. I can't suggest how you could have improved on this, because frankly, this interface shows more promise than a lot of other game industry turn-based Strat games I've seen. More so, the simple yet effective game mechanic is well designed and offers far more complexity than it would first appear. Anyone who's played Warhammer Fantasy or Warmachine knows what I'm talking about when I say that if a game rewards tactics, it is truly a great game. Way to go.

Likewise, the visual aesthetic was gorgeous. Simple, but highly effective. Red. Green and Blue, each a strikingly appropriate shade, contrast excellently with the background and provide a strong overall visual theme.

Music is gorgeous. Really. And very appropriate. I noticed a slight hitch in the loop after a few minutes of sitting at the main menu, which was really the only thing that stopped me from giving it a 10.

All in all, a thunderously good showing. You can bet your ass that this has gone on my favorites and that me and my friends are playing it!

A sequel with other armies of old would be awesome. Seeing the western armies of europe fight against some of the eastern armies of old (Xin chinese or Mongolian Raiders or even the Saumrai of Japan spring to mind), as well as the tribal nations of the new world (like the Aztecs, Apache or Maori warriors if you want to go Pacific) would offer an excellent and cool sequel concept.

Regardless of what your plans, expect me to be watching.

Again, keep up the good work and get to throwing up a sequel!


I had better moral at lest 3 different times and the English always managed to beat me even when they where out numberd!! They almost always get the best attack when in hand to hand even though I had to do it a few times, I got to the point I was hitting every arrow and they still beat me at that. Some things need reworked on this.