Reviews for "1066"

Would be very cool another game with this same style, in another historical moment...

Great game but the multiplayer servers are dead now :(

The first thing to note is that Hard is simply TOO hard. No matter what you do or how good your strategy, the enemy has a viable chance of winning simply by hanging back and taunting, which they do every single turn with at least one unit, and often more. It's a race against time, and considering the shit your units are already put through (they are killed easier, they kill less foes, their tactics and charges and flanks are less effective, etc.) it's often not ideal, let alone even feasible, to make it a quick victory by targeting key characters. Hell, in my last match, the enemy commander not only survived TWO cavalry charges back to back, but he ALSO wiped both cavalry units out, one after the other, in regular melee fighting. That's just fucking ludicrous, you know? I would have tried getting him with yet ANOTHER cavalry charge lined up but the third unit ended up pissing themselves and running away at 50% morale, so you know, whatchagonnado.

Aside from that it's pretty good. I really like all the different tactics and courses you can use to win, along with both the environments and how different units mesh up with eachother. My one gripe is that the environment itself changing shouldn't mean the orders themselves do. If I order my men to attack X unit, and X unit moves, that doesn't mean I want my troops to suddenly...not attack them anymore, and just...MOVE to their space instead...I would want them to do the ACTUAL thing units would do in combat when ordered to fight a mobile unit and...follow them (this, of course, is a whole different can of worms at higher difficulty, since literally every move can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat, and when I have a prime moment to flank and enemy, I don't want my troops to walk around with their dicks out just because the enemy moved a pace over. Oh, and this reminds me, yet ANOTHER gripe is the fact that I can get caught up in the fray when moving BEHIND units...for some reason. When I go to flank a shield wall with three separate units, one for each member, I figure I'll get this battle locked down fast, but whoopsiedoodle, the very FIRST man who moved got caught up in the fray by the first unit he walked by, despite them ALREADY behind tied in a battle, and my other two units, you guessed it, just saw they couldn't walk where I ordered them to anymore and instead of going AROUND the obstacle just sat picking their noses while the enemy rained arrows at them because they were all in a line. How convenient. As you can probably tell, these issues aren't that large by themselves, but when put together they all add up and become very frustrating very quickly, ruining the pace of the game and the feeling of being an actual general since you units don't do what you actually tell them to do; why be leading a battle at all, then?)

.5 star deducted for brutal difficulty at higher levels.
.5 star deducted for shortness of the game.
.5 star deducted for unseen variables mentioned above.

Well done! I was wowed at the start of the credits. binged played this all night. Music is great, the animation was spot on. The taunts were hilarious! Puny pot licker ! lmao.
I like that you have came up with four different ways to get the bonus.
My only quibble is that it is too short of a game and that you can taunt your way to victory.

Thanks for creating this.

Honestly the most fun game on this whole website. Preloadedlondon is amazing when it comes to making games.