Reviews for "1066"


only thing you could improve would be more types of soldiers

Educational and fun!!!

This a complete strategy game. I recomend out flanking the enemy's main troops. Then, take out their archers with yours. Keep your king uni out of battle if you can, losing him means losing a lot of morale. Use the king for taunting the enemy.

By the way... The norman taunts remind me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

And my hat is off to you sir.

i just keep playing... its been so long since there was a game i could just sit and play for hours. well done.


Shit man, it was un-goover-able? And I thought un-move-able was bad...I feel for you. I really do.


you should take off the morale because i always lose because of it cause it gets to low so all my troops just run away and the english kill all my archers and i always lose