Reviews for "Solar Rain"

This song sounds great! I love hearing this over and over again, I don't think it could possibly get old! xD I used this song in the intro to my Minecraft let's play if you don't mind! :D
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCQrE 0uWe_4
I really hope everyone who watches my video comes here and listens to this masterpiece of a song! Thanks for composing this! :P

Geoplex responds:

:D thanks!

Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for using my work! ^.^

Man that lead. I really enjoyed this one, good job. The kicks do need to go up and a bit more punch if possible. I'd take that open hat down in level a bit too, other than that, you have a masterpiece.

Geoplex responds:

I think you're right about the hats - I messed with them a lot, though. Any quieter and the mix felt like it lacked treble :/
I might actually juice the kick up and update the file if I get around to it, though.

Thanks for the feedback! :P

I think this amazing. I don't make music, but I am completely satisfied with the whole feel of this song. You have gained a download, favorite, 5/5, and a follower. I am very impressed.

Geoplex responds:

Aw, thanks! :3

I appreciate that :P

Wow, this is a auite good contrast to all your DnB songs. You should make more dance/trance songs in my opinion.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, I plan to :P

The kicks could have been a little louder, but its fine. I love this song, and it makes me feel so happy. I downloaded it so I can play it on my iphone at anytime. There is not one thing I dislike.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed ^.^