Reviews for "Banana Bounce"


HAHA that was fun, but you should make another one with all kinds of fruit!

it`s okay.

you really need to know how to move your (free loading) buddy monkey on the tightrope tho.

ServerusGroup responds:

We actually tried a bunch of different control schemes. Managing the bouncing bananas, the trampoline, and the monkey was simply overwhelming to a large number of our test players.

Meh... Not bad.

It's not too bad for a cheap little diversion, but it gets boring fast.


banana bonanza!
anyway, it does get boring quickly.

Nicely done.

It was alright, but it could have had so many more things included.
Upgrades, power ups, different types of bananas.
Anyway, it was well made but needs lots more effort.
Nice five minute time waster, but do work more on whatever else you plan on contributing to newgrounds.