Reviews for "Adventure Time Lullaby"


This sounds like the beginning of an Adventure Time storybook... imagine, a children's book with Adventure Time pictures, on a table, and as this song progresses, the pages turn (think the intro of The Sword in the Stone! :D).

The raw voice and the celesta really work wonders. The lyrics make the piece sound very homely, and I like that a lot. The ending just makes me a little misty-eyed -- in a really good way.

My only pickle with this is that the same melody is used on loop. So our song structure is essentially A-A-A-A-A. You could actually introduce a little B section, keeping the raw voice and celesta. Like, a different melody and different chords, but still keeping the feel. So, slightly varied, you'd have an A-B-A-B-A structure. A bit of variation is what will drive the last nail in the winner's plaque for this piece.

I really enjoyed this, and thank you so much for sharing!


i LOVE adventure time. and this song is boss.

ulfusNG responds:


Thanks dude for this song its great there and is a part of a memory on my mind lol besides i like it finn and jake they are totally cool keep it up MAKE THIS MAN RESPECT FOR MY 5 STARS :DDDD

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks man

I could legitimately see something like this in the show man. Good work.

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks, it's not my best work though, I find it hard to sing softly, I was trying to imitate the song Sleepy Puppies that Finn sings in episode Jake vs. Me-Mow.