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Reviews for "Strawberry Bible Verses"

maybe this will help

no offense, but I have a little advice. You used the equivalent of stop-gap animation in the cinema biz but in flash it's just frame-by-frame.

First of all, you want to make your set as plain as possible if it's not pertinent to the scene. For example, use 2 large peices of posterboard for your set. One on the floor, and one standing vertically behind the stage (scene elements).

Second, you should have zoomed in closer to your characters. You have made a flash animation that is 1.2MB large and most of your scene is a chair with cloth drapped over it. IF this were a gif animation, the file size would have been much smaller because the only elements that change are a small portion of the overal raster area. But in flash with imported graphix, each frame shoots up your file size. You could have imported the same size images but zoomed in so that your characters filled the screen and it would have been a more interesting view.

Also, and this (hopefully helpful) criticism is going to hurt them most: Most good movies have something called a plot. Granted, it's fashionable to celebrate wanton action and violence, but if you are going to concentrate on those facets of movie making, you may want to focus more attention on the quality of your special effects.

I voted 4/5 anyway!


That is pure.... raw emotion... I enjoyed every last loop. you have showed me the pure expression a brown blob can show.

Nice movie Piney.

It could have been longer and have a plot or storyline to it.Good job anyway. :)

I love the Clock crew but.

Not all of the videos are great. This one is so so.