Reviews for "Human Centipede: The Game"

Don't get it at all

The movie already disgust me: it was the work of a perverse mind, how can you imagine a story like that? How can you say that "Human Centipede" is a great film? One of the worst horror film ever. Have you seen the trailer? I can't believe that so many people like this movie and no one finds it disgusting...

However, I don't like your games, from "Trick-or-treat adventure" to "Santa fu!", but this one is really bad because, besides the usual bad graphics, it doesn't need a particular ability of the player and it is hard.
Sorry but I think that your games don't deserve medals.

Only one suggestion

Centiped was one of my favorites back in good old Atari 2600 days, so I like the game very much.
Until now I didn't know there is a movie this game ist based on.
It really is a pity, its a horror movie because this theme has great potential for a good pr0n-movie.

So maybe you could think about a second version of the game with less violence and more "sexyness"?


Awesome movies make awesome games! :D
Easily one of the greatest movie games out there! Perfect parody really! The accuracy to the original is amazing! Let's see some more of this then eh?

Also this is Centipede not Space invaders to a few morons down the list. Haven't you ever been to an arcade?


the people that are reviewing this are big faggots.

also wtf i like this much better than space invaders.

And that movie is awesome

How ironic

Me and my friend just recently discussed the most fucked up horror movies. He had just mentioned human centipede, and it's now on the front page of newgrounds!