Reviews for "Human Centipede: The Game"

aaah, centipede...

great game, remember i played this on gameboy :)

Great...but the comments below suck.

Game was awesome. A nice mod of CENTIPEDE.

Obviously, there's too many newfags on Newgrounds anymore if they can't even remember centipede.

These crazy kids and thinking they're all cool because they grew up playing Call of Duty...


...calling it space invader? Anyway, the movie was awesome, but I really didn't like the game since I was hoping for a side scroller/horror theme. Kudos for the twist though.

very oldshcool!

love how simple this game is!
take me waaay back ;)


It wasn't my favorite game ever, but all the people calling it Space Invaders in the comments make me want to cry.

People. The game was CENTIPEDE.