Reviews for "Human Centipede: The Game"

Hilarious mod

Very funny and well done adaptation.

It's funny how all of these reviewers talk about playing the original on Gameboy and emulator. It's not quite the same if you don't have a joystick and a big red button in front of you, but I guess it's good that the classics still live on.

centipede what an awful game.

too hard to get to the end and too addicting to stop playing.
the game is designed specifically to take every quarter you own without a single exception.
thanks for bringing us this classic....
even though you reminded me that i could have a HD flatscreen with the change i lost to this game.


Those human centipedes get frick'n scary around level 7 when they go fast.


I'm just 15 years old but as a gamer I use emulators to play atari and snk games
because this is the real games!

P.S: Don't judge games just by the graphics

Good fun.

Really shoudl the ridiculousness of the film :D I liked the pixel art, and 8 bit sound effects, but the background could do with being jazzed up. Maybe a lawn?