Reviews for "Human Centipede: The Game"

Shoop da WOOOP!!!

After selecting "New Game", click Dr. Heiter's name (the word "Heiter" specifically) on the first line of the synopsis and it'll change to Dr. Laser. A sentence should appear at the bottom that reads "perma-laser enabled, high scores disabled", so if you wanna just kill the weird fuckers in copious amounts without it amounting to anything, you're welcome. Also, great game!

You sped up the cop.

I loved the original Centipede and I also loved the movie... You took two of the best things and combined them. I love you forever.
Also, Dr. --> Lazer <--- Best thing in my life.
Screw all these haters who don't even know what Centipede even is. You guys make the best games on Newgrounds because, back in the day, they WERE the best games on Newgrounds. I can't wait to see you guys do a ton of other incredible things.


the movie was horrible but the i just palyed was very intresting never c the movie on oct 7 the human centepede 2 [full sequence]

this reminded me of that one south park episode

the one where they all ge turned into a human centipede and one craps goes into one mouthand the next persons to and the Ipad dins XD

Quite fun

...but the firerate isn't really understanding