Reviews for "Human Centipede: The Game"

Very fun!

As i have not seen the movie, i'll rate this as just a normal game... it was ok, entertaining and with a good gameplay, not amazing but good.

Can you make a 2d version of a horror game?

I never thought a game based in this movie would be so funny/playable/legal

First impression of the game, after doing my first runs and achieving a bit above 50,000 on the last one:

The game is nearly impossible, unless learn all the "gimmicks" - then the game becomes only somewhat hard.

1- Rate of fire is ludicrous at short ranges, so try to fight centis near the bottom. This does good against whole centis, you can focus fire them at point blank. Just avoid letting them go down too much or they'll spawn better/faster runners.

2- DON'T BREAK THEM DURING DESCENT. They'll separate sideways due to grave spawn, and make your task more difficult. This will almost always cost you a life after level 12. If you wish to "snipe", do so on stragglers, or the last person on a centi.

3- As for cops, kill the amount needed (at max score) to reap the medal and then just ignore them completely. Same applies to cop cars. Everytime you shoot one, you didn't shoot a centi

4- Cops seemingly come from the side they went so you may try to stay a bit to the other. There is no delay between you and the mouse pointer: You can leave the game by the left, circle the window, and teleport instantly to the right, and vice versa.

5- Learn to dodge and avoid shooting graves that aren't touching your weapon.